Love Is Not Drop-Shipped

Fairfield Flowers is a real, local florist that does not believe ProFlowers, an online flower marketer, is being honest with consumers about local florists.  Furthermore, Fairfield Flowers believes that ProFlowers Valentine's Day advertising sinks to a new low in marketing their direct-ship flowers.

ProFlower's claim is that ProFlowers delivers a superior product at a better price than a real, local florist.  ProFlowers Valentine's Day advertising states that, "Love comes fresh from the field" and, "Like comes from a florists cooler."  ProFlowers seems to be attacking real, local florists after their unsuccessful bid to claim Proflowers flowers were shipped "fresh" from the farm.  In fact, ProFlowers flowers are shipped from warehouses across the United States where they are held pending shipment.

Another claim that ProFlowers makes about their flowers is they will be delivered when the customer specifies, not when a florist decides to deliver them.  This is interesting to us as ProFlowers does not make their own deliveries.  Therefore, they cannot be in control of when the delivery is made.  They do use the reliable package-shipping companies UPS and FedEx and just like package delivery, ProFlowers flowers are left at the door when the recipient is not home - no matter the weather.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact us by phone at:  541-689-8807 or 800-835-9171.  We also provide more links on our order information page to help consumers find a real, local florist online.

Make this Valentine's Day a memorable one for all the right reasons and order from a real, local florist.



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