Fairfield Flowers deliveries for:

Eugene, OR - Springfield, OR - Veneta, OR - Elmira, OR - Junction City, OR - Coburg, OR

At Fairfield Flowers, we believe your floral delivery needs to be handled with professional care.  That is why we do our own flower deliveries with a smile.

Please indicate to us whether or not it is acceptable to leave the delivery if no one is home.  It is only on a rare occasion that we will do this.  For example, if the delivery is several miles away or there is a time consideration (birthday, anniversary etc.).

Our local delivery charge is $8.00.  Deliveries to outlying areas can go to $20.00 depending on the area we are delivering to.  Very specific time deliveries will increase this charge.

Flower delivery orders placed by 2pm (Pacific Time) can be delivered that afternoon.  However, if you call between 2pm and 5pm we may still be able to deliver your flowers on our way home!

We are the best delivery value in the Eugene/Springfield area - and the most flexible.

Holiday delivery charges are the same as non-holiday charges at Fairfield Flowers with one exception:  Due to the increased volume, we cannot guarantee times on our deliveries.  If you need to have your holiday delivery there in a specific time window, it is best to order in advance.


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